November 28, 2021

Customised Clothing for Charity Events

Raising money for charity has become even more challenging because the credit crunch, and fundraisers are having to be more creative than ever to maintain their fans donating. Customised clothing may be used to boost morale among your helpers, raise money and assist with the running of events, it is only a matter of choosing the ideal garment for customisation.

Personalised clothes for charities

If you run regular events, and have a pool of regular volunteers or staff, look at providing personalised clothing that’s branded with the charity logo, website and even tagline – and has a particular colour or design which just helpers and staff could wear. There are multiple advantages:

  • Participants in fundraising events will be able to identify employees and helpers quickly
  • High-quality customised garments can boost morale among your employees and volunteers, and help to make them feel part of a group
  • The logo and website can help to keep your charity and its origin observable
    Charity t-shirts for event participants

If you’re running an event with a fee to take part, you could provide a complimentary t-shirt as part of the purchase price. This works nicely for events with large numbers of individuals, as bulk orders of printed t-shirts lower the price of each garment. Again, make certain that the logo and site for your charity are a part of the plan, and keep the layout to as few colors as possible to keep the prices low.

Running tops and specialized vests for charity fun runs and marathons

If you’re planning to organise a fun run, or maybe organise a team to take part in a marathon, then why not customise running tops and specialized vests for the function?

These can be a terrific giveaway with a signing up charge as the runners participating will be more inclined to put on a technical vest than a cotton t-shirt, thereby increasing your charity’s visibility.

Jackets and hoodies

If you hold charity events over the year, you are most likely to have volunteers and volunteers outside in all weathers. Don’t forget to research customised jackets and hoodies, again along with your charity’s details printed on them, for people to wear in poor weather.

The price of customized clothing for charities

If your charity doesn’t have any budget for personalised clothing, consider approaching local businesses for sponsorship. You could provide a banner display in the events, mentions if programmes, buttons on your site and special mentions in newsletters. These are preferable to offering to place their company logo on the clothes themselves, so the effect of your design is not affected.


The selection of clothing available for personalisation is greater than ever. The top customised clothing for your charity event will consider the time of year, the sort of charity that you have, whether the clothing is for a couple of events and if you would like to sell it or give it away as an incentive. Taking the time to look at the options can’t just raise money for your charity, but also increase your charity’s profile.

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