November 28, 2021

How Hoarding Affects Your Insurance Claim

If you fight with hoarding, you can put your health at risk due to the dangerous and unsanitary conditions created by clutter. What’s worse, hoarding may make your possessions insurance claims denied. That is because most risks that arise because of hoarding occur due to neglect and poor home maintenance. 

Still, you can probably obtain homeowner’s insurance without difficulty. To approve or deny your request, the insurance agent conducts a”drive-by” inspection of your home. And, if you don’t have piles of belongings in the yard, you’ll be granted the policy.

However, you might be left without coverage if you want to renew your policy or if an insurance broker performs a home inspection for any reason.

The Way Hoarding Affects Your Insurance Claim

If your home is in bad condition, the adjuster might recommend not minding your policy. However, you may receive a warning against the insurance company — to repair the safety hazards and maintenance concerns in a limited timeframe — or risk losing policy.

The common hazards Related to hoarding include:

  • Fire — Too much mess (i.e, newspaper, vinyl, and flammable substances) could begin a fire, especially when it accumulates about heating valves, stoves, or power outlets. From the kitchen, the accumulation of dirt, food products, and trash increase fire risk.
  • Water Damage — Because of the clutter, hoarders conduct restricted pipes and roof maintenance, which can result in serious water damage. Also, if water damage occurs, the excessive contents around leaks may worsen the damage. And, even if a water reduction is found, it is difficult to distinguish between new and preexisting harm. Stop water leaks and declutter your house to prevent mold. Looking for water removal in Cary? Find out more here.
  • Pests — As insects and rodents are drawn to unchecked, cluttered garbage, they can harm the walls, wiring, and even base, resulting in dangerous living conditions.
  • Trip Hazards — Excessive quantities of contents at the home create a trip hazard to the insured and their guests.
  • Blocked Exits — Belongings that block or block exits make it more challenging to escape through an emergency. It can also prevent firefighters from getting into the home if a fire begins.

Also, If the time comes to file an insurance claim but your loss was due to one of the above mentioned issues, your claim may be denied. The insurance adjuster may say that the harm wasn’t accidental. The loss might have been prevented ahead of time, but became inevitable as a result of massive clutter accumulation. Another reason your claim may be denied is that walking between rooms is a struggle, making finding the damaged area hard.

Get Professional Hoarding Cleanup Services

Instead of waiting for your insurance company to assess your home or to get a reduction to occur, begin dealing with the problem immediately. This is where PuroClean comes from. Our certified technicians will sanitize and deodorize your home to bring it to a safe and insurable condition. You can find them here.

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